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Polls » Flat betting or progressive?

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Flat betting or progressive?

Which do You favour? If You have any favourite progressive betting system which works for, it would be great if you note that in comment.
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  • khaled Hamzawy
    khaled Hamzawy I use calculater + - best for me and safe
    not as quick as the others
    but with it you don't need to wait for patterns or dealer change or any thing like that
    just keep playing chill and increase your capital
    2 March 2022 - 1 likes this - Report
    GROUND isKEY Flast rate betting for me, gives me more opportunities to return a profit, money lasts longer than progressive. Dealer Tracker track 4 spins and bet on highlighted numbers with neighbors set to 1.
    2 March 2022 - 3 like this - Report
  • lazrak romio
    lazrak romio hello who can help me to pay my debts that my father left
    with a simple strategy
    for a roulette beginner
    thank you
    2 March 2022 - Report
  • Patel Bhavik
    Patel Bhavik write down your target of 3.5% as 2 1 0.5
    2 1 0.5 and start betting from left i.e. 0.5. if you win move to left and bet 1 and so on, if you loose, add the lost amount to first and second elements and repay for eg.
    2 1 0.5 and you bet 0.5 and you loose,...  more
    5 December 2022 - Report