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  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 25, 2021
    Kira on Grosvenor Speed Roulette.  Played her over 2 session.  She was hitting 0s and 1 using 19 numbers on the area key.    
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 19, 2021
    Miks on WH Vegas Roulette He was hitting 0 and 1.  This is what you want in a dealer.  I made a profit due to this.
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 17, 2021
    Hugo was hitting 0s and 1s only.  Worth a bet on 0s and 1s.  I took the approach of betting only on 1, then the odd 0.
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 15, 2021
    Helga was hitting reverse area key.  I did not play for long as you can see from the graph. Managed to make £100 within minutes due to her signature.
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 10, 2021
    Olga was hitting the reverse like nothing I had been before.  A depth of 11.....reverse area key would be good here.  I made some money from her due t...
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 10, 2021
    Prestige Roulette on 888, Adriana.She was hitting 0 and 1. I mentioned it to some members on here on playing. I went from 50 (due to me being impatien...
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 04, 2021
    Nikita was hitting 0 and 1 in the Area Key using 19 numbers.  I bet 0 and 1 on all of these and I hit my target really quickly.  Flat betting was used...
  • Posted by Sam D on Mar 02, 2021
    This dealer was hitting the reverse area key a fair bit.    I went from £100 to £177 (then there was a dealer change)
  • This dealer was crazy consistent with the standard Area Key. Over the whole session, she didn't go past a depth of 0. Definitely one to keep a lookout...