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What is a roulette calculator?

It is a system to track previous numbers, wheel bias and table patterns which then calculates where to bet In European roulette, the casino has a 2.7% advantage over the player, this is because of the “0”. With our roulette calculators, you can track live dealers and discover patterns based on different factors such as dealer signatures and a roulette table bias. Our other calculators are best used on auto, air powered tables which are designed to be “RANDOM”. This can give the player an advantage as the air jet, changes pressure randomly, so some “chase systems” may work well.

The Calculators

The ± Calculator

The ± Calculator (positive and negitive), is roulette system that relies on the table being random. You may be familiar with the martingale system, also known as the fool’s chase. It received this name as the betting system can be very dangerous and mount up into very high bets as you are doubling the bet amount on each loss. The premise is that if you bet $1 on red, and black comes in, you would then double up and bet $2 on red, if that loses, you bet $4 on red… Eventually, red will have to come in and you will win back the accrued loss and your initial bet of $1. Our chase system works on the dozen and columns, that pays 2 to 1. The bets are based on how the table is behaving. By logging the tables data over a period of time, the calculator will show you where you should start betting from. Also, with our system, the betting amounts are not as aggressive as the martingale system.

The Dealer Tracker

The dealer tracker is such a useful roulette calculator. It gives you the ability to track the dealers signature. As you may well know, the dealer spins the ball from where the ball landed, for example, if the ball landed on the number 17, they dealer spins the ball from roughly the same area, usually in the opposite direction from the previous spin. With this calculator, you will see a visual graph of where the previous spins landed so you can make bets based on the dealer’s history. We have found that some dealers are extremely consistent where we can bet on a single number and repeatedly win. There is the flip side, where we discover dealers that are very inconsistent, this calculator is also perfect for identifying them so that you can avoid playing at that table or until there is a dealer change. There is also a “One Direction” version of this calculator as some dealers spin the ball in the same direction every time.

The Area Key

Log a table on positive and negative aspects of where the ball has or has not landed. This works very much like playing the 3rds using the original calculator. It is keeping track of areas of the board that have not been hit rather than (1 – 12), (13 – 24), (25 – 36) etc… in the negative part. The positive is simply the number that has last spun and the distance around it i.e. 9 numbers will be looking for a hit within 4 either side to count as a positive hit. You can bet on the positive or negative this is a tool just to log a table and although it is sold by many strategies as a key etc… it is just a depth logging system. Areas of the board can go very cold for longer periods than you would expect. I bet on the average occurrence of something happening and do a short martingale style chase a few goes in if not hit then leave that section to come in and start again…

The Number Tracker

The number tracker is best used on an air-powered table. It will log spin results based on what the last number it spun from, to the new number it lands on. For example, lets say the ball is currently on number 17 and the auto table spins the ball clockwise around the table and then it lands on number 32. The next time the result is on number 17 and the ball is going to spin clockwise around the table, the number 32 will highlight. The number tracker requires a lot of spin data for it to work properly, so we recommend that you find a table that shows 500 previous spin results or you are very patient when using this calculator. As mentioned before, this calculator is best used on an air-powered table, also know as a sling-shot or auto roulette table.

What does roulette calculators offer?

Roulette Strategies

There are so many roulette strategies on the internet, but it can be difficult knowing which ones work in the long run. Of course, not every strategy is going to work 100% of the time. Our roulette betting systems work on table history and maths. This means you can see the results based on the tables history before making a single bet!


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You can access the social network, roulette strategies and the built in calculators on any device. So even if you are playing in a real casino, you can still use these roulette tools. We do recommend using these calculators on a laptop or desktop computer if playing online roulette as it is easier to navigate on a bigger screen!


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