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Please Read Before Submitting Your Roulette Strategy

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    July 12, 2021 3:46 pm +07

    To make it easy to understand the roulette strategy, please follow these guidelines when making the submission.

    Include the following information:

    1: The Name of the person to credit for the roulette system

    2: The name of the roulette strategy (Make it fun and catchy)

    3: Buy in Amount (Up to 2000 units as we will be testing with real money)

    4: Description of how the roulette strategy works (Please go into detail if it is flat betting/progressive betting etc. We need to know what to do in all outcomes)

    5: When to walk away. (Let us know when you would walk away. For example: Walk away when you have doubled your money or walk away if you lose 50% of your balance) 

    For your convenience, you can copy this template to your roulette strategy post topic:

    1: Credit: 


    2: Roulette strategy Name: 


    3: Buy in Amount:


    4: Description:


    5: When to walk away: