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Your generous donations are key to the future development and expansion of our auto tracking tables. We aim to continuously introduce more tables into our rapidly growing list and your financial contribution is integral to the fruition of this objective.

The funds gathered would be specifically allocated towards developer fees. This will facilitate breaking into the gaming provider's APIs, an essential process for us to integrate additional roulette tables into our system for auto tracking purposes.

With your backing, we can continue amplifying our reach and capability in ensuring a constantly expanding list of roulette tables for auto tracking. Your assistance makes it possible for us continue our growth trajectory and offer you a better, more comprehensive services.

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Account holder: Edward James Clarke
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We are actively searching for volunteers who can help us expand our auto tracking table database. This task can be achieved by simply browsing through different online casinos and checking to see if you can access the roulette tables spin history without being logged in!

Specifically, we need you to test if the roulette tables' spin histories at these online casinos can be accessed without logging into any registered account. If you're able to view the spin records without being signed in, it's a promising sign.

Such capabilities often indicate that we'll succeed in adding those specific roulette tables into our efficiently curated list of auto-tracking tables. Your valuable assistance in conducting this research will facilitate in our ability to add more gaming providers and roulette tables to our auto tracking library!