Online Gambling Strategy: How I make a living playing roulettte Smartingale System

Posted 20 May 2022
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I am living at the coast in Belgium. The last video May 20, 2022 is important for the dealer tracker.

If you have 4 spins in groupe of 17 numbers, there is a very good chance that you will succeed with martingale in 5 steps.

If you go to 3 spins in groupe of 4 I personnally paused untill I have the 4 back in 17 numbers.

Again, paused on time instead to be gready.

I had today 160 units benifit in 1Hour. are a breath of fresh wind during my career of 40 years playing roulette.

I myself made already in excel files about distances between spins landing.

But this creators here deserve their place.