Day #1

Posted 27 August 2021
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Had some nice gains using the Area Key today for the first time.

I need to practice with it a bit. I was incredibly skeptical signing up for this site today and finished pleasantly surprised, satisfied, and hopeful for more sessions. After going through the tutorial on the Area Key and testing it out, I grew $25 to $225+ on $1 units in approx an hour. I look forward to learning with it more and using it during my sessions. I would highly recommend this particular calculator. The +/- looks legit but it bases its tracking on the table layout and the wheel is laid out nothing like the table obviously. I'll post another testimonial if I find success with that one. The area key predicts physical location on the wheel which is where the money is. For anyone playing sites that time your bets and put you to the gun, I found it easiest to bet the racetrack on the applicable section based on the calculators highlighted numbers in a situation where I couldn't get my bets down in time or I made a mistake laying them. If I was fumbling with the mouse with 6 seconds left, just clear and play the racetrack on what the calculator says. Hit nearly every time for me, just made a bit less in profits because of the split bets that come with that.

If you're reading this and trying to decide whether to try it out, pull the trigger and do it!!!