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Roulette Dealers Cheat

Posted by Edward Clarke
Even though a casino has an advantage over the general player, roulette dealers still cheat, and here is the proof! Typically a dealer always spins the next ball from the previous number it landed on, but what happens when you are consistently winning? Well, the dealer cheats! Dealer cheating mainly happens with online roulette. We know this because you can't place bets the moment before the ball has been spun. usually in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can still place bets way past the moment the ball has been spun! In this video, you can clearly see that the dealer has changed where she is releasing the ball from. Have you had any experiences where you think that your roulette dealer cheats?
Posted 18 Feb - Filed in Area Key
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  • Shane Henson
    Shane Henson experienced this last few days frustrating cost me a few losses.
    18 Feb - Report
  • Edward Clarke
    Edward Clarke Yeah, we have to be careful. I have had it a lot recently, I always seem to start of winning pretty much every spin them it changes rapidly. But when I take the time to watch the dealer, I can see that they change the spin. I can't wait for the brick and...  more
    19 Feb - Report

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