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Roulette 100% Winning Strategy: 100% Winning Streak

Posted by Edward Clarke
This is a roulette 100% winning strategy. In this video, we win 100% of the time using this roulette strategy, that's correct, we don't miss once! We don't even use a progression bet. There is one thing to win 100% of the time for a session, but what about in the long run? Well, we have been using this strategy for just over 1 month and have constantly stayed up. So we decided to do more testing with this winning strategy to see if infact we have found a simple to use 100% winning roulette strategy. What we did was withdraw everything from our casino account apart from £100 with the goal of winning £100 per day. We would not play unless we were recording the session and we also would not withdraw anything so you could see the balance increase each day from where we left off the day before. You can see the results here:
Posted 28 Feb - Filed in Area Key
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