Videos » This is why I never lose at roulette: Best Online Roulette Strategy

This is why I never lose at roulette: Best Online Roulette Strategy

Posted by Edward Clarke
Welcome to episode 3 of my modified Paroli betting system where we use the dealer tracker to discover consistent dealers and then try to get a triple winning streak to maximise profits with a reduced risk. We began with $200 and on the first session I managed to bag $184 profit and then another $116 profit on the last session which totals $300. I still have $200 in my account for gameplay which means even if I lose, I will still be $100 in profit. This is how I manage my bankroll and why I never lose at roulette long term. On average I win about 80% of my sessions. By withdrawing the profit after each session, I’m untouchable. Your about to watch my 3rd session in this series, this session is what I consider a difficult session as I struggled getting past the 2 win streak so I changed my approach to bag a couple of 2 win streaks to increase my bankroll followed by a 3 win streak. Ironically I had a 7 win streak at the end which would have given me a $2,304 win if I have the balls to double each bet. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Maybe in a future video I will try and get an 8 win streak that should net about $5000. This video perfectly illustrates how you can still make profit, even if the dealer is playing hardball. Please keep in mind, the dealer that I am playing with does have a dealers signature which is why I continue playing. If you play with dealers who are not exhibiting a signature you will eventually lose, even if you are using the tools. Trying to saw a plank of wood in half with a hammer is the same as betting on the highlighted numbers with an inconsistent dealer. These tools show you the dealers history, ultimately, it is up to the player how and when to bet. I have been tracking dealers and winning at roulette for over 8 years, that isn’t a coincidence. I also see the same names posting their successes on our social network time and time again, so what do these people and myself have in common? Firstly it is patience, like myself, they don’t play unless they find a dealer with a good signature. Secondly, self control, if they have a bad session or the dealer is not matching up with what the tools are showing them, they will stop betting and evaluate the situation. Making stupid bets to try and recoup your losses rarely works. I occasionally receive an email saying that they used one of the tools and they lost and that they would like a refund, which is fine, the 60 day money back guarantee is there for that reason. What I can’t do is help that person as I didn’t see their gameplay, I have no idea if the dealer had a signature, or if it was just an unlucky session. If you do want me to help you, I am happy to do so completely free of charge. Simply record your sessions and share the link and I will do my best to put you in the right direction. If you want to learn more about these tools and how they can help you improve your game, click the link in the description, also if you need any help choosing an online casino which you can use in your country, drop me an email on and I would be happy to help. We have over 2000 followers and I really want learn more about you, so I am going to run a question of the day, this will also let me know who actually watches these videos all the way through. So todays question is. What country are you from, there is a bonus point if you can also guess the movie reference. I hope you enjoy this session and as always, bet smart.
Posted 30 December 2021
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