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How to win Roulette: This is a tried and tested roulette strategy

Posted by Edward Clarke
If you want to know how to win roulette, here is a tried and tested roulette strategy that WORKS! It is my favourite strategy which I call the Smartigale system, it is similar to the Martingale system which is commonly used on roulette but with this roulette strategy, we include a safety net which stops you from wiping out your entire balance. This is the ultimate strategy onn how to win at roulette "long term"! I have been using various roulette strategies over the years and have been making a living from playing roulette for over 8 years. A big part of a winning roulette strategy is bankroll management and never playing with emotions - this is important. Follow the strategy and accept a loss to avoid wiping out your entire balance. \u27a1\ufe0f CONTACT ME ON FACEBOOK (FREE TRIAL): \u27a1\ufe0f LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE TOOLS: \u27a1\ufe0f SMARTINGALE STRATEGY: \u27a1\ufe0f PROGRESSION CHART DOWNLOAD: \u27a1\ufe0f AUTO TABLES FORUM POST: Please like this video and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated with more ways to beat the casinos. Please ???? LIKE our roulette videos and hit that subscribe button to stay updated with more roulette strategy videos. ???? ABOUT OUR CHANNEL ???? This channel is about the best roulette strategies and betting systems to help you win at roulette. We use roulette software also knows as a roulette number predictor to help us win at the online casino with real money! Check out our channel here: \u27a1\ufe0f Don’t forget to subscribe! CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR OTHER ROULETTE VIDEOS \u27a1\ufe0f \u27a1\ufe0f \u27a1\ufe0f GET IN TOUCH FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Get updates or reach out to Get updates on our Social Media Profiles! ???? Twitter: ???? Facebook: ???? Instagram: Please note, I believe it is possible to make a living from gambling, however, you should not see online gambling as a job and you should only ever gamble with funds you can afford to lose. If you think you have a gambling problem, please visit Gambling should be a fun, entertaining experience, if it isn’t, please seek help! #howtowinroulette #roulettestrategy #roulettecalculators
Posted 1 June 2022
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  • Edward Clarke
    Edward Clarke removed again.. FML
    1 June 2022 - Report
  • Pastor Supply
    Pastor Supply I can say ED this was an amazing stream I am happy that I could see it before youtube removed
    1 June 2022 - Report
  • moises parra
    moises parra Edward upload and create google drive link and share the link so everyone can download and see please I have a chance to watch the video last night central time but i decided to wait in the morning and the video was removed
    1 June 2022 - Report
  • Edward Clarke
    Edward Clarke For some reason they sent me an email saying that it won't be reinstated but it has been.. I won't grumble haha
    3 June 2022 - Report

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