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Cornish Cover Strategy

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    October 22, 2021 5:45 am +07

    So Ed you may remember ive been working hard on a progressive strategy to cover more numbers. It is nearly ready :P heres the teaser

    Yep im giving this its own name as im fairly sure it does not exist. It is a hybrid of the Double Attack strategy (og source unknown but i got it from Roulette Master on YT) and the Parachute strategy (same either him again or Roulette man i cannot remember). It can be used either betting 2 or more of columns/splits/streets/corners/lines. Or with area key covering 14-21 numbers. The latter might be too complex for me but il try and structure it for Ed to give it a go in a video :)

    The FUN part of it is that you always have 1 JACKPOT number that is multiplied throughout the progression.


    You start with 14 numbers with 1st bet betting 1 street and column OR 14x area or reverse with hot area number doubled (with street and column its the jackpot street number that passes through the column). Ends after 8 bets with 21 numbers covered.

    Its a mixture of those different bets, at a progressive rate that is moderate, avg win through each round only 3-4 units BUT each time you have a chance to hit that jackpot number for a huge win to make the Martingaling all worth while in the end ;)

    It is 2 blocks of progressive bets. You can bail after 5th loss as the final block of 3 gets scary at that point BUT its still balanced due to jackpot chance. Each bet you cover 1 more number than last so your chances literally go up along with the progressive chance at positive variance.

    Only 72 units staked through first 5 bets covering 14-18 numbers. Jackpot net profit on 5th bet is 75 units! Says it all. You can make more profit than overall stake in a 5th progressive bet! Compare that to risking 155 to win 5 betting on red or black lol*


    *DISCLAIMER - You have no higher chance to win jackpot in 5th bet and are far more likely to either break even if street wins, or -1 unit loss if corner wins, or +3 if Column hits in that 5th bet. js. Still nice to have a chance at huge profit so thats why i like this system.

    % chance of progressive losses =

    1st 62%

    2nd 36.6%

    3rd 20.8%

    4th 11.3%

    5th 5.7%

    6th 2.8%

    7th 1.3%

    8th 0.56%

    OK not fantastic, i myself have lost 4 and 5 in a row covering more numbers BUT if you factor in starting on a high negative depth column, and choosing hot sections for additional bets throughout, OR betting with a good dealer so correct area can be bet in 5 ;)

    I will post all the data and info soon IF anyone is interested?

    Bonus teaser = the 7th and 8th high stakes bets have 2 jackpots cos lines are covered. Like i said whilst the risk is great the reward is too. Could be fun, fingers crossed...

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    October 23, 2021 2:02 am +07

    It is done :) and it looks great to me but id love to hear peoples thoughts if anyone wants to see it? I also really need to know if this is similar to any existing strategy?? im sure there are some real roulette strategy experts that might know here?....


    1 thing - in my haste i had not factored in middle column for certain bets and will not work, can use any dozen instead of course, will mean a slightly less risky version with 1 extra number covered or at least the option to. Similarly you can use middle column but will have more jackpot numbers so higher volatility for sure!


    Total unit risk across 8 bets is 1349units, as i say a total 0.56% chance to lose all - but... in that 8th spin a jackpot win is 1381u! you also have 2 jackpot numbers covered so its a 5.4% chance that spin!!!!! you have 10 (2 covered in 7th bet too) chances to hit jackpot so 10/37 is 27% but a more precise calculation is 6x97.3%+2x94.6%=24.06%. The average jackpot amount is 275.13u. 


    Well the 8th bet is heavy duty, im not sure id go through with it tbh so lets look at just the 7 bets -


    Total unit risk across 7 bets is 444units, as i say a total 1.3% chance to lose all - but... in that 7th spin a jackpot win is 486u! you also have 2 jackpot numbers covered so its a 5.4% chance that spin!!!!! you have 8 chances to hit jackpot so 8/37 is 21.62% but a more precise calculation is 6x97.3%+1x94.6%=19.73%. I use a parlay calculator for this btw. The average jackpot amount is 117.14u. 


    I may be stupid because im well aware there is no way to make a strategy to REALLY increase your chances cos odds are always the same with house edge. But im seeing a pure 19.7% chance to hit jackpot throughout those 7 bets vs a 1.3% chance to lose all, errrrrrr i like those odds errrrrr no i LOVE those odds!!!!!!!!!! and any time u hit a jackpot number u make MORE profit than your unit amount staked in total so far!!!! does not seem like it can be correct but ive checked numbers, must be missing something lol, but i even tested it out last night, made 20 quid REALLY quickly hitting 2 jackpots somehow. Got to 4th bet twice so was getting nervous, id only saved 5 bets, knew i could not do these slightly complex bets in time so Playtech tables are a godsend with those saved bets ;)


    I will say this though, some might not believe in the cumulative % chance loss, since regardless of dealer signature each spin is unique and history and trends largely meaningless. So in that 7th bet only covering 20 numbers you do indeed still have a pure 46% chance to lose that spin and thus the whole 1349u. But you still have the natural balance of variance, it is simply a mathematical fact that losing that many times in a row with x% chance to win equals a small % chance, that gets smaller with each spin, and ever smaller with more numbers covered.

    *remembers he has lost a cumulative 0.16% set of Martingales recently*

    Might SEEM same concept as pure martingaling on red or black, but the key difference here is the 2.7% chance per spin up to 6 then 5.4% chance in 7th and 8th to make a HUGE net profit with the jackpot. So if you always have a higher chance to win total units risked each spin vs lower chance to lose it all = I BELIEVE it is well balanced but im more than prepared to be proved wrong lol...


    ....Im scared but i know ive gotta run it fully for a while before i post it here... im up 100 over last few days so il try the 7 bets block one first and SEE if i can make 222u profit = £55.50 profit with my 444x0.25p units £111 bankroll before that 1.3% chance comes in, im probably NOT the best person to test this but anyhoo.... i also think it will work much better with area key or dealer tracker rather than this randomness with the +/- calc, options to use either negative or positive tracking ofc too. 

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    October 23, 2021 4:53 am +07

    Good news = I made 200u profit relatively easily and it was what id call a bad session, no jackpots until the end, 3 of em on bet#2#2#3. But still grinded profit so good news id say! Got too tired and felt the loss was due so walked at nice round figure of £50 profit :)

    Bad news = I had to make a 6th bet and hit 1 of 3 numbers that gave me a -2u loss on that bet cycle. The Jackpot was due as well! A few bet #5 some bet #4 but won most of the time through first 3 bets for steady income.


    Seems to work well, no sweat, no decisions to make, this is more my style lol. I pick the same split/street/corner/line bets and have the 7 sets saved in my saved bets section. 1 click and im done :)

    So right now i have 280u profit (80 from last night) so -


    New Overall Targets

    1. Make a further 164u profit before a loss
    2. Make a further 444u profit before a loss
    3. Double Unit Size (25p=50p)
    4. Make a further 905u profit before a loss
    5. Start with 8 bet 1349u bankroll at 25p
    6. If i somehow make another 905u...
    7. Double Unit Size back to 50p and play until I lose
    8. Impossible final target = make 5000u to extend to a 9th bet...!!! please god no lol

    If i can just complete 1st target im freerolling it... at any point during that I do get an overall loss I will drop down a level and need that unit amount in profit back before moving up. IF it is during 1st target i may call it quits, or i may give it 1 more shot to see if it was just bad variance with a small sample size. Reason being this \/


    Jackpot Net Profit Amounts (units)

    1. 13
    2. 18
    3. 25
    4. 40
    5. 75
    6. 163
    7. 486
    8. 1381

    REMINDER - These are indeed net wins, pure profit, you win much more from actual hit but i have deducted the other lost bets for net profit as thats all that really matters at the end of the day.


    Hitting a jackpot late on would be epic! could make those targets quickly with a good run. You COULD have horrible start and 6th bet hit split to be -2u, then 6 more bets miss you think awwww why, then boom jackpot 486 so 484u profit. Could happen :P


    But can get there steadily without any big jackpots too. You can see above i got 61u from 3 Jackpots, but other 139u was from these kinds of smaller wins -

    Streets 1st and 3rd = net 10u.

    Split in 2nd bet which i hit a few times is 12u. Noice.

    Nice match in bet 4 where each result is 4u easy to remember ;)

    Corner 9u in 5th

    6th is worst bet of all, nowt good apart from Jackpot, +1 if column or corner but dreaded only losing bet win is split -2u.

    7th final bet pays well whatever hits but Line is +36u otherwise +6u. Nail biter though, jackpot could change everything :P

    2 break even results, column in 2nd, or street in 5th.


    Its a fun strategy, Ed can you please try this version using the +/- calc? i will post all the amounts and structure :)

    Sadly i still cannot edit posts on forum so cannot edit in 1st post, might just make new thread then you can delete my diatribe ;)

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    October 23, 2021 10:14 am +07

    1st target achieved, rather easily in the end. Turns out i over shot it as i forgot bout last nights profit, kinda annoying cos it was a slow grind at the end to get balance to 311. Started today with 200 so yes a full 444units profit made today with the Cornish Cover :P


    Might play a lil tomorrow but gotta work, great week for me at Roulette finally, 3 winning days and 211 quid. Cya Monday

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    October 23, 2021 1:53 pm +07
    I’ll take a look soon bud. When I am on my computer
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    October 24, 2021 6:39 am +07

    I kinda dont want you to now lol...


    BAD NEWS = I had to make a 2nd 6th bet

    GOOD NEWS = Won it hitting jackpot number 9 for a 163u profit :)





    WORSE NEWS = Just after that i had to make ANOTHER 6th bet that LOST! So had to make my first 7th/final bet with total 444u at risk...

    WORST NEWS = It lost... 3 or 9 were the jackpot numbers that would have paid almost 500u profit... sigh oh well. Did not even ask for them, roulette gods didnt care, id have taken the net 1u profit for a hit that spin but nope -444u


    So i am still in nice profit with this strategy, +292u to be precise... BUT if i carried on now and got a loss before i was back to 444u profit it would be an overall loss and a grand waste of time lol. Dunno, its great that i hit a big jackpot BEFORE the loss, this was the grand overall target to see if strategy was good enough to publish... I guess it is?.....


    let me know if anyone wants to try it but buyer beware, the 1.3% chance will come in eventually, as i always knew = like every other progression strategy its just a ticking timebomb :P i was just hoping id have some luck to hit more of those targets :( oh well.... area betting version will be better ;) 

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    October 26, 2021 7:18 am +07

    Slightly lost track of precise profits from the CORNISH COVER cos ive been doing some area key too but ive more than recovered from that loss, just had a really good session quickly taking balance from 350 to 395, only reason i stopped before target was i had a bad feeling, just had great run of jackpots and 10u hits so took the profit and ran lol


    Its a good structured strategy i feel, and you can vary it in any way you want to heighten or lessen the risk. Im just using it as basic as it gets, not using +/- calc waiting for high depths or anything like that.


    Im also using the same sets of bets each time, but you can make any you want, i just like the removal of choice, it is what it is with these numbers, they cover the whole wheel so any area bias is NA ;)


    Im going to keep using it until i get into overall loss, im shooting for target 2 again now. But i am also working on the area key version, gonna be trying it out this week and will post IF it works, which i really think it will! Seriously well structured progression system within using the area key. Used in conjuction with the dealer tracker it will remove choice and you will always know where to place next bets in progression. At any point u can pause, but must restart at that level when confident dealer is back on trend.


    IF dealer signature is real, and IF area key is used correctly with this system i find it hard to believe Ed or Sam would lose 5 bets. But even if, ive got low/med/high risk versions, 2 of em under 300 total units for a 5 bet progression! come onnnnnnnn.....


    Ed - I think it will be a fun video series for you to try out, basically do it until you get an overall loss, which i dont think you ever will ;) i will finish it and post it as a whole new (better) strategy later this week :)

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    October 28, 2021 5:43 am +07

    Gonna keep this thread as my sort of diary to keep the main thread clean


    Just had a short session making 66u. Trouble is it was slow going then BOOM hit jackpot on 4th bet for 40u but straight after...i had to go to a 7th scary bet. Had 24 numbers covered and got there with the column for 11u. Cut and run lol its a fun strategy for sure.


    Now need 334u before a loss for target #2 but i wont double unit size, il shoot for 440u more and start playing with an 8 bet bankroll :P doubt it happens but il play it out to see.... would be really fun to be able to start doing this and literally freerolling it with profit so far....