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The 12 + 20 Uber grind!

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    January 24, 2022 12:53 am +07

    When I saw the 24+10 system from CEG Dealer School I found another guy doing a system that looks like it. And it's based on the 24+10 system. Here is the link to the video: 

    This video is from the youtuber: Not another slot guy!

    1: Credit: 

    youtuber: Not another slot guy!

    based on 24+10 from CEG Dealer School and then I made the betting stratergy. 

    2: Roulette strategy Name: 

     The 12 + 20 Uber grind!

    3: Buy in Amount:

    You at least need 650x the minimum bet of the table. So if the minimum bet is 0.50 you at least need 650 units. At least recommended 1300 units on a 0.50 minimum bet.

    Starting bet minimum 7.50 (15 units)
    Starting bet minimum recommended 15.00 (30 units)

    4: Description:

    This system has a bit more chance to loose but also a bigger chance to win. This is because you will have 2 times more numbers that can win but 2 numbers extra that you can lose on.

    I will explain it with a credit of 1300 units. First you need to put 10 units on 1 of the 3 dozens. for this example put it on the last dozen 25/36. Then I will spread 10 units on 10 numbers on the second dozen and I will spread 10 units on the first dozen. I like to have the number 0 covered so normally I will have 3 numbers uncovered in the first dozen and 2 numbers uncovered in the second dozen. 

    lose: 5 numbers
    win: 20 numbers
    push: 12 numbers

    Every win is 6 units. On a bet of 30 units. Every push or win is rebet but if you lose you will need to 6x your bet. So on the last dozen will be 60 units and on the numbers 6 units. If you win this bet, you go back to the first bet, if you lose again then you 6x your bet again. So the bet would be 360 units on the last dozen and the numbers will have 36 units. If you win you go back to the smallest bet size again. but it's game over if you lose now. 

    When you lose I think you have a bigger chance to win the next one. And if you lose 2 times that the chance of winning is even bigger. And that if you loose 3 times on this system in a row that you are just having bad luck. but it happens. 

    Every win is 6 units profit. also if you loose 1 or 2 times and then win you are 6 units up. 

    I use 9 pre set pages. 3 for the bets and 3 for the difrent dozens. So I got 3x the base bet page with every page a diffrent dozen covered(the push column).
    I have the same for the 6x bet page and also for the 36x bet page.  

    I have played this myself with a 325(650 units) buy in on a 50 cent minimum bet. I put 2,50 on a dozen and split numbers on 0,50. so my total bet was 7,50. won 1,50 on a win. got out on 750 and had a great run. but I also gambled and just did the bet of 36x when I felt lucky and hitted it a few times. I tried this system again. I was up 200 and felt lucky and missed the 36x and was left with 200 played it back to 350 but stopped. I have been unlucky 1 time after 100 win I hitted 3 times a bad number also when switching dozens (stupid me). 

    Overal this system gave me 2 wins, 1 lose and 1 even. Sometimes it hit a lossing number 2 times in a row. But only seen it lose 3 times in a row once.

    1 downside to my buy in 325 (650 units)  You need to split numbers so the numbers you dont play can't be chosen by just moving one chip. If you play buy in 650 (1300) you have at the base bet 0,50 chips on a full numbers.  

    5: When to walk away:

    The goal is double your money, but I have also left on +/- 75% profit just because i didnt want to push my luck.

    NOTE: You can also choose to instead of using the 6x multiplier a 5x multiplier. when you win the 5x multiplier instead of wining 6 units, you will break even on the loss. But I made this betting range so that every win is a win and not that after a loss you have 20 extra push chances. 

    NOTE 2: This 5x and 6x multipier trick also works on 24 + 10 system

    NOTE 3: The multiplier can be changed if you want. You can choose to 7x your bet on the first lose en 8x your bet the second loss, to get a benefit out of losing.  Then winning after losing is more profitable. But then you will need a bankroll of 1920 untis but then if you win after the first loss you will win 12 units instead of 6 and if you lose 2 times and then win, you will get 94 units instead of 6. 

    NOTE 4: If I had the bankroll I would try this with 10x multipliers so that losing a hand or 2 makes it really interesting



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    January 24, 2022 1:04 am +07

    On the 10 x stratergy you will win 30 units instead of 6 on the first loss and 270 units if you win after the second loss. but the bankrol then needs to be 3300 units.   

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    January 24, 2022 3:35 am +07
    Thanks for the submission. When I have posted my current videos I will definitely give this a try. Thanks again